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Digital image requirements for remote assessments

We require an overall view of the vehicle including damaged and undamaged areas.

The following digital image types are required to support your estimate.

01 Overall Side Damage.jpg

01. Overall image of vehicle and damage.

02 Overall Front Rego.jpg

02. Overall image of vehicle front.

(Including rego)

03 Overall Rear Rego.jpg

03. Images of vehicle from rear. 

(Including rego)

04 Overall Side No Damage.jpg

04. Image of undamaged side.

05 Damage Area.jpg

05. Image of damaged area.

06 Close up Internal Damage.jpg

06. Close up of internal damage.

07 Registration Sticker.jpg

07. Registration sticker.

08 RUC - Diesel Vehicles.jpg

08. Road user charges (RUC) label.

(For diesel vehicles only)

09 Warrant of Fitness.jpg

09. Warrant of fitness sticker.

10 Current Milage.jpg

10. Image showing current mileage.

Note: Please do not include images of the trip readings.

11 Overall Image Interior.jpg

11. Overall image of the interior.

Note: take an image of the stereo if it is aftermarket.

12 Any Old Unrelated Damage.jpg

12. Any old unrelated damage.

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