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Why Choose Blair Wright?

Blair Wright is one of the few autobody repair specialists in New Zealand to utilise the new state of art Caroliner systems. This new equipment as well as our on and off-site specialist training  help us repair your car efficiently and to the highest safety standards.

We are constantly upgrading our repair centres with the latest technology to accelerate the commitment and skill of our workforce, this combined with our 60+ years experience in the industry we should be first and only choice for autobody repairs.

Trust Blair Wright Group to make your collision repair experience as convenient as possible.

Services We Provide

  • Blair Wright Group Repair Guarantee

  • Free computer generated estimates

  • Precision quality repairs to manufacturers’ approved standards

  • Late model replacement rental vehicles are available from a low cost daily rate

  • Complimentary vehicle groom on completion of repairs.

Equipment We Use

  • Hi-tech Car-o-liner chassis repair equipment to realign modern vehicles with precise accuracy

  • State of the art Caroliner 3D chassis measuring systems

  • Hoists for vehicle inspections

  • Continuous compressed air systems

  • PPG Base coat\Clear coat 2 Pack paint systems

  • Isolated paint preperation bays

All repair centres equipped with modern low bake paint ovens, tint mixing rooms, infra-red  lamps and computerised colour matching systems for optimum paint finish ( Hasno certified to As/Nzs 4114 )

Your Insurance Advisor

Blair Wright Group specialises in working with you and your insurance company to make your collision repair experience as hassle-free as possible. Any questions regarding insurance issues please get in contact with us, details on Contact Page.

Car Rental Services

There's no good time for a collision. You've got things to do and places to be, so a car accident is the last thing you need. Good thing there is someone you can call your friend when the unthinkable happens.

You can drop your car off with our friendly staff and we will arrange to have a rental car organised for you.

( subject to 24hrs notice and Terms and Conditions )

Caroliner Systems

The New Caroliner gear is the industrys highest ranking tools for procision and quality thus have become all Blair Wright repair cetres standard equipment

Repair Centre Facts


  • Waterloo Quay

  • Hopper Street

  • Johnsonville

Major Equiptment

  • Four spray booths

  • Caroliner Benchracks

  • Caroliner Mark 6

  • Caroliner spotwelders

  • Caroliner Caro Soft Vision Digital Measuring

  • PPG Product: Deltron GRS

Blair Wright Limited is a member of the Blair Wright Group of companies.

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