Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

  • Name Blair Wright Group as the repairer of your choice to tow truck operators and to your insurance company.

  • You do not have to accept any repairer they nominate.

  • Insurance companies insist on a repairer being reputable, competent and reliable.

  • Your repairer's membership of the Motor Trade Association [ MTA ] assures you of these qualities.

  • Members of the MTA usually display the Association's symbol on their stationary and premises.

  • In most cases, an insurance excess applies whether you are in the right or wrong. This is the portion of the account that is payable to the repairer and under some circumstances, will be reimbursed by your Insurance company. Most repairers will not release the vehicle until this is paid.

Adivce on Legal Obligations

  • If you collide with another vehicle you must stop, see if anyone is hurt and render assistance to an injured person.

  • You must also give your name and address to a Police Officer if attending and if someone is hurt you must report the accident to the Police within 24 hours.

  • If you damage another person’s vehicle or property, you must advise the owner or the Police within 48 hours.

  • For minor accidents, drivers should exchange names, addresses, insurance companies, and registration numbers.

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